I am particularly aware of the care that Enric puts into each piece. For example, Enric goes through the added expense and much extra time to photograph models to use as reference for his paintings. Enric does not believe in taking short cuts. He wants each and every piece to be the best that it can be. 

And all of Enric’s formal studies in technique and art history blend well with his attention to detail. Whether a portrait that hangs in the most prestigious of museums or a landscape that is hung proudly in a classical art gallery, Enric creates each with the utmost of care.

Enric signs his gallery works, “Torres-Prat,” and his illustration works, “Enric,” but this does not fool me at all. I immediately recognize that both are absolutely created by the same brilliant artist. And the same care is put into each, because Enric knows no other way to paint, no other way to create.

Michael Friedlander in his studio

It’s not often in life that we are able to be included in something that is truly great, something that will live on for future generations to appreciate. We can thank Enric for welcoming us in to be a part of the enchantment that he is creating. The enchantment that is layered out into the world from the tips of his paintbrushes!